How much does MerbCamp cost?
We’re charging a very modest attendance fee of $50. We realize many folks are coming from out of town, so we’re keeping the fee low to offset higher travel expenses.

Where should I stay?
We recommend folks stay at the Sheraton La Jolla. To reserve a room, please call 1.858.453.5500 and mention "MerbCamp" to get our special rate of $149 per night. Note: this rate expires on September 25 (or earlier, if we sell out the room block.)

Can I give a talk?
Yes. We have a dedicated space set aside for extra talks. First, add your idea to our feedback forum, then vote on talks you want to see!

How I can I get to UCSD from the airport?
The best options are airport shuttles and taxicabs. If cost is an issue, try doubling or tripling up with other attendees. We also have maps and directions.

My plans changed... can I get a refund?
Sure, we’ll refund 100% of your registration fee up until one week before the event. After that, we will be unable to provide refunds, due to commitments we’ve made with our conference vendors. Note: refunds will not be processed until after MerbCamp is over.

Are you looking for volunteers?
Yes, we’re looking for a few volunteers. If you’d like to help out, say something on the mailing list.

Do volunteers need to live in San Diego?
No, anyone can volunteer, as long as you can get to town before the camp starts.

Is MerbCamp a conference or a camp?
It’s both! We plan to have one track of scheduled talks, and another track that’s open.

What does ‘San Diego’ mean in German?
Roughly, it translates to a whale’s vagina.

I have another question. Who should I ask?
Ask away on the mailing list!

Calit2's Atkinson Hall

MerbCamp is happening at Calit2’s Atkinson Hall.

  • Kick-ass wifi all over the building? Check.
  • Ethernet and power drops in theater seats? Check.
  • Live webcast of MerbCamp talks? Check.

It’s gonna be awesome.

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